Marking & Tracking Solutions

We are your trusted advisor for a high performing collaborative and connected supply chain.

We help you maximise agility, traceability and visibility through a unique solution portfolio, taking advantage of the very latest technology.

A modular, scalable solution

The need for serialized product tracking may differ from one company to another. That’s why we will always begin by evaluating your existing processes. We work with your teams to look at your requirements and then agree the appropriate level of serialization, aggregation and de-aggregation needed. You can start small and add additional functionality later on.

Serialization and Tracking

Legal regulations introduced to combat counterfeit medicines call for integrated technical solutions in the production and packaging of pharmaceutical products. It requires a serialization of all products for clear follow-up, as well as forgery-proof packaging.

According to the EU Drug Counterfeiting Directive 2011/62 / EU, EU Member States must set up a system to protect against counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products by 2019. Worldwide there are comparable approaches in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. in USA, China, Korea and Saudi Arabia. The pharmaceutical manufacturers are always required to provide products and packaging units with unique, traceable serial numbers.

Track and Trace solutions enable reliable serialization of pharmaceutical products. Based on individual systems and existing packaging lines, our competence will build a solution that guarantees the traceability of all product and packaging units.


Create hierarchical relationships (parent / child) each time you package, unpack, and repackage items.


Add a human and machine readable serialization to uniquely identify your goods. To help your business navigate the product flow, meet the challenges of the market, and meet regulatory requirements, you need a way to identify the goods all through your processes. ZETESlineload is an identification and serialization solution that lets you track products throughout your production. The key to this is product serialization, multilevel aggregation, and registration of electronic records of origin.

  • Ensures the overall efficiency of the systems
  • The technology works independently
  • Creates a serialization audit trail
  • Generates serial numbers or assigns them from an external source
  • Enables validation through a thorough control process (control, verification, verification)
  • Creates guarantees of origin
  • Enables efficient and central management of the packaging line

Labelling possibilities

Attach the required tags: Datamatrix code, barcode, databar, RFID tags in GS1 or other data standards.

Packaging of serialized goods on pallets with data aggregation.

Labeling of pallets according to GS1 or other standards.

System Integration

Our software solutions offer the integration of label printers, labeling systems, barcode readers, verifiers, cameras and other systems from various manufacturers. Industry 4.0? Here, too, we offer you support in the implementation of labeling solutions. Data integration with SAP or another ERP or MES systems for your labeling or logistics solution? We are happy to help you with the implementation of your projects.

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