What does PANDA Solutions AG stand for?

Our name PANDA Solutions AG stands for Print-And-Apply.

We are active as an experienced solution partner and integrator for labelling projects.

The portfolio of PANDA Solutions AG

Consulting / Engineering



Installation / Maintenance


Printing and labelling (P&A) consulting
Standard software for marking, printing & labelling

Label desktop printer (thermal/

thermal transfer)


On site by service technician

Design and engineering of new marking and labelling systems as an overall integrator

Customised software

thanks to in-house software development

Colour label printer
Periodic hardware and software maintenance

Remote installation

Remote support

Project-specific solutions according to requirement lists

Control of third-party devices

(inkjet, scales, direct foil printers, etc.)

Labelling systems

for production

and logistics

Own assembly and repair workshop
Maintenance contracts for software and hardware

Ongoing further developmentsReplacement of old Pago systems

Barcode- and 2D-Scanner

Vision control cameras

Who forms PANDA Solutions AG?

PANDA Solutions AG was founded on 1 December 2020 by four software engineers from the former P&A department of Zetes Auto ID Systems AG through a management buy-out. However, our common roots go back to the ‘Marking & Tracking Solutions’ business unit of the former PAGO Etikettiersysteme AG in Switzerland.

For more than 30 years, we have been working together as a team to realise industrial system solutions for labelling and traceability.

Top products for printing and labelling

We are proud to say that we are the co-fathers of the successful software and hardware products Pagowin, Pagwin Next, Pagolineload, Pagocomfort, Pagoprint and Pagomat 15. The rights to these products have officially been transferred to us.

As PANDA Solutions AG, we continue to develop these top products in a customer-orientated manner.

All our products are now state of the art.

We look forward to getting in touch with you :-)

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